Radon FAQs

Are we sure radon is a real problem?

Yes. Scientists and major health organizations such as the EPA, Center for Disease Control, American Lung Association and American Medical Association all agree that radon is involved with thousands of preventable lung cancer deaths every year.

I have seen mitigation systems on my neighbors’ houses. Does this mean my levels are high?

Not necessarily, but the chances are good because there are high levels already know in your area, on top of the fact that we are in an area of the country with generally high radon levels being Central Ohio. The only definite way to know the levels at your home is to have it tested.

Is it difficult to sell a home with known high radon levels?

No, provided you have a mitigation system installed. Real estate agents in our area are very knowledgeable about radon and know that it is prominent in this region. Relators use mitigation systems as positive selling points when listing homes.

I am building a new construction home, can my home be built to be radon resistant?

Yes. There are several radon resistant features that can be installed in a new construction home, and they typically will be less expensive and more cosmetically appealing than when done post construction. The main benefit is that the pipes can be hidden in the walls and fan placed in the attic, so there will be no evidence of the radon system on the exterior of the home. Many municipalities in Central Ohio are now requiring at least a passive system (sub-slab depressurization system with no fan) be installed in every new construction home for this reason.

I have lived in my house for a long time, is there any benefit to testing now?

Yes. You will reduce your risk of lung cancer by lowering any exposure to radon, even if you have been exposed in the past.

What is the average cost of a radon mitigation system?

A mitigation system typically costs between $800.00 and $2,400.00, with an average cost of $1,200.00. Cost will vary depending on factors such as size of home, construction types, methods and materials, existing radon levels, etc.

How long does it take to mitigate a home?

A radon mitigation system can typically be installed in 1 day. Once the system is installed and in operation for 24 hours, the home needs to be retested, which will take 48 hours. A reasonable timeframe is four days from installation to the post mitigation test results.