Radon Testing

Radon Testing Tools

We at EHS use Sun Nuclear, 1028 Continuous Radon Monitors (CRM) for all residential radon testing. Our monitors are all calibrated annually per the requirements of the State of Ohio for quality control. Continuous radon monitors allow us to have instant results after the testing period is over. They also provide other information such hourly measurements and have motion detectors that will tell us if the device has been moved or tampered with during the test.

Radon Testing Methods

For real estate transactions, we use short term testing (48 hour test periods) for all tests. A CRM is placed in the lowest livable/usable space of the home and left alone for the duration of the testing period. A non-interference agreement is left with the seller telling them of the optimal testing conditions that need to be maintained prior to and for the duration of the test.  The building conditions and CRM location are documented during pick up to ensure the required conditions were met.

For non-real estate related testing, we use short term testing as well. If the results of the short term test is above 4.0 pCi/L, we will do a second short term test and then average the two tests. Should the average be above 4.0 pCi/L, the EPA recommends mitigation.